Instructional Air Notes
for Pilot Training
By: Steve Pomroy
BOOKS:   7
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FEATURES:   Coil-Bound and kneeboard-friendly size!
VIEW: Table of Contents

       BOOK 1: Instructor Guide
            Guidance Notes

       BOOK 2: Private Pilot License
            Ground Exercises and Ancillary Controls
            Basic Maneuvers
            Avoidance, Recognition, Recovery
            Takeoff, Circuit, Landing
            Low Level Exercises
            Instrument FLying
            Emergencies and Radio

       BOOK 3: Commercial Pilot License
            Precision Maneuvers
            Approach and Landing
            Ground Reference Maneuvers
            Instrument Flying
            Radio Navigation
            Night Operations

       BOOK 4: Seaplane Rating
            Water Operations
            In-Flight Maneuvering
            Ancillary Controls
            Water Inspection
            Takeoff and Landing
            Emergency Procedures

       BOOK 5: Multi-Engine Rating
            Ancillary Controls
            Basic Maneuvers
            Low Speed Control
            Circuit Work
            Night Operations
            Emergency Procedures

       BOOK 6: Instrument Rating
            Instrument Departures
            Instrument Holds
            Initial and Intermediate Approach Segments
            Final and Missed Approach Segments: Non-Precision
            Final and Missed Approach Segments: Precision
            Transition to Visual
            Instrument Emergencies

       BOOK 7: Flight Instructor Rating
            Right Seat Flying
            New or Refined Maneuvers
            Command and Control
            Instructional Technique

VIEW: Introduction

These air notes have been put together to help you provide in-flight instruction to Pilot candidates—from the Private License up to the Instructor Rating. Each air exercise is presented in lesson-plan format at a level of detail and in a physical format that’s useable in the airplane.

The content is based heavily on Transport Canada’s Flight Training Manual and Flight Instructor Guide (including supplements and with particular emphasis on Part II – The Ground and Air Instruction Syllabus). However, guidance based on the author’s extensive flight instruction background is also incorporated into each exercise.

Before using these notes, you should take some time to review the introductory material in this book, as well as other source material regarding the exercises you are teaching. You should also keep in mind that these notes do not contain all of the information you need to train pilots—they’re simply a checklist to help you stay on-track and cover the key points in an order that’s useful to a learner.

Further useful details can be found in a variety of sources, including:

  1. Transport Canada’s Flight Instructor Guide,
  2. Transport Canada’s Flight Training Manual,
  3. The FAA’s Airplane Flying Handbook,
  4. The FAA’s Aviation Instructor’s Handbook,
  5. Transport Canada’s various Flight Test Guides,
  6. The FAA’s various Practical Test Standards,
  7. Your Aircraft Flight Manual,
and other related documents, including non-government publications.

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ISBN: 978-0-9687214-4-5
Price: CDN$79.95

   About Instructional Air Notes

Instructional Air Notes for Pilot Training brings flight instructors a reference for conducting flight instruction. Provided in a kneeboard-friendly, multivolume format, the set provides detailed guidance for the flight instruction of the air exercises. All Transport Canada and FAA required exercises are covered for the full range of licences and ratings: Pre-Solo through Flight Instructor—with a separate volume for each license/rating.

Each exercise includes information on the aim, background knowledge, demonstration-performance instruction, and student errors. The guidance provided meets or exceeds Transport Canada’s requirements (as set out in the Flight Instructor Guide and applicable Flight Test Guides) and the FAA’s requirements (as set out in The Airplane Flying Handbook and applicable Practical Test Standards).

   About the Author: Steve Pomroy

Steve Pomroy holds an Airline Transport Pilot License with a Class 1 Flight Instructor Rating and Class 1 Aerobatic Flight Instructor Rating. He has thousands of hours of experience as a flight instructor and ground instructor at all levels—from pre-solo through the Multi-Engine, Instrument, and Instructor Ratings. He has extensive experience as a Pilot Examiner and has conducted hundreds of flight tests with Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot candidates. Mr. Pomroy is also the author of Applied Aerodynamics for Private and Commercial Pilots and Private Pilot License: Written Exam Preparation.

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