Some of the questions in the SkyWriters Publishing PPL Practice Exams refer to supplemental information. In a few cases, this information is provided with the question. However, in most cases, the extra information is provided in these PDF supplements.

Download these supplement packages and reference them to complete your practice exams. The materials may be used in digital format or printed out as hardcopy, according to your preference. However, the VNC excerpts will need to be printed in order to plot tracks and take measurements effectively.

  1. Abbreviation List (Used in all exams)
  2. Applied Meteorology Supplement
  3. Applied Navigation Supplement
  4. General Knowledge 2 (Airframes, Engines, Systems, Flight Ops) Supplement
  5. Simulated PPAER Exam 1 Supplement
  6. Simulated PPAER Exam 2 Supplement
  7. VNC Excerpt: Moncton (Used in Applied Navigation and Simulated PPAER 1)
  8. VNC Excerpt: Vancouver (Used in Applied Navigation and Simulated PPAER 2)

If you want to work with hardcopies of these supplements and you don't have access to your own printing, they can be purchased from SkyWriters Publishing.


The 2 VNC Excerpts will need to be printed hardcopy in order to facilitate route plotting and measuring.

The charts are both sized for 11"x17" printing. It is important that the printing be completed with no scaling (in order to preserve measured distances), at high resolution (in order to enable you to see details), and in full color (in order to include all required information).

If you do not have access to adequate printing resources, the charts can be purchased from SkyWriters Publishing.

If you wish, you can try using an actual VNC, however, the excerpt process (scanning, image prcessing, and PDF conversion) may have introduced some scaling errors, and the exam nav exercises are built around the excerpts. Further, updates of the VNC's by Nav Canada (new airspace, obstacles, etc.) will not be accounted for in the exam questions.