The Private Pilot Practice Exams provided by SkyWriters Publishing are representative of the Transport Canada Private Pilot Written Examination (PPAER). However, they are NOT exact duplicates. Transport Canada doesn’t publish the questions used on pilot examinations, but they do publish a list of topics that are “fair game” (refer to the Study and Reference Guide – Private Pilot Licence (TP12880E)). The exams in this book are designed to cover the same material, using the same question format (i.e. – multiple choice with 4 options), at roughly the same difficulty level as Transport Canada.

Passing these exams does not guarantee that you will pass the real thing, but it does give you the advantage of being exposed to the type of exam that you can expect when you finally do write the real one. This should help reduce the stress level associated with the exam and increase your familiarity with Transport Canada style questions. As a further advantage, practice exams promote mental activity relevant to the subject matter, and therefore help with learning the material.

The full-simulation exams (Simulated Exam 1 and 2) should each be done in a single sitting with all notes and reference books closed. The other exams can be done at your leisure and they can be open book if you like (i.e. – you can use them as study tools or as actual examination practice, according to your own needs).

You should note that not every topic from the Study and Reference Guide is guaranteed to be tested in these tests, but there is a thorough sampling. It is recommended that you review the Study and Reference Guide – Private Pilot Licence (TP12880E) completely prior to writing the Transport Canada exam. This will give you a chance to ensure that you are knowledgeable in every required topic.

When writing the Transport Canada exam, you should make sure that each question is answered—even if you don’t know the answer. You are not penalized for getting a question incorrect, so if you’re really stuck and don’t know the answer, guess!

Having said this, YOU SHOULD NOT GUESS ON THESE PRACTICE EXAMS. If you guess correctly, that may cause you to miss a weak area when you correct the exams. This could give you the false impression that you are ready when you are not. HOWEVER: the software interface currently being used does not allow submission of incomplete exams. So guessing is, in effect, "mandatory". For your own benefit, you should keep track of questions you guess.