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SkyWriters Publishing presents: Practice Exams for Pilot candidates!

Our practice exam program is currently geared toward PPL candidates, and includes:

  1. Pre-Solo Exams (coming soon)
  2. Private Pilot (PPAER) Prep (7 subject exams—and 2 full PPAER exams coming soon)

Practice exams for Commercial, Instrument, and Instructor candidates are also under development.

Each subject exam is a randomized set of 75 questions drawn from a larger question bank. The simulated PPAER exams are 100 questions and are designed to simulate the real Transport Canada PPAER exam.

PRICING: Price is set is on a per-subject basis. US$3/exam gets you access to a subject for an initial writing and 4 re-writes. Due to the randomization of the questions, all 5 writings will be slightly different exams—different enough to keep your brain working, and similar enough for you to benefit from the repetition!

Access to the full set of exams is also available by special order. If you'd like this option, contact us here.

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