As with other training programs, flight training is designed to help students establish a certain set of skills and knowledge. Near the end of training, an assessment is made to determine whether or not these skills and knowledge sets have reached the required standard. In the flight training environment, these assessments come in the form of written examinations and flight tests.

Unfortunately, most examinations require a set of skills other than those being tested. For example, the written examination for the Private Pilot License requires you to be able to interpret and answer multiple choice questions—which means actively filtering out the wrong answers that are presented. When this complication is added to the mix of knowledge required for the exam, it can quickly shift the balance of the exam against you. The nature of MC questions is for the distractors to interfere with your knowledge and promote the wrong answer.

These exams are intended to help you develop the skill of dealing with multiple choice questions while at the same time determining whether your knowledge level is where you need it to be. The full set of exams contains over 900 multiple choice questions to help you toward this goal. In addition to the questions, there are several features of the exams to help you along the way. They include:

  1. a difficulty level gauged to reflect Transport Canada standards for the PPL.
  2. a set of (free!) orientation and advice material to help you out with the mechanics of multiple-choice exams (see the menu links to the left).

Note that your initial training and studying should be referenced to other textbooks intended for that purpose—including Applied Aerodynamics for Private and Commercial Pilots and other publications from SkyWriters Publishing.

These exams should be used when you believe that you’ve established the knowledge required for your license and need to prepare for the actual written exam. If you’ve already learned the material from your PPL groundschool and wish to develop your test-taking skills, these exams are for you. These exams can also help you gauge the difficulty level of the Transport Canada exam.

The PPL level exams currently available from SkyWriters Publishing are:
Meteorology Theory 100 Questions No Supplemental Materials
Applied Meteorology   95 Questions Supplemental Materials Required
Navigation Theory (including radio nav) 104 Questions No Supplemental Materials
Applied Navigation (including radio nav)   92 Questions Supplemental Materials Required
Air Law (CAR's) 105 Questions No Supplemental Materials
General Knowledge 1: Flight Theory, Instruments, Human Factors 102 Questions No Supplemental Materials
General Knowledge 2: Airframes, Engines, Systems, Flight Ops 100 Questions Supplemental Materials Required
Coming Soon:
Simulated PPAER Exam 1 105 Questions Supplemental Materials Required
Simulated PPAER Exam 2 105 Questions Supplemental Materials Required
Each of the subject-specific exams is made up of a random selection of 75 questions from the question bank available. The order of the questions and the order of the options is also randomized.

Before attempting any exams, you should review the free information and tips using the menu links to the left.

To access these exams, follow this Exam Interface link or the one in the menu to the left.

Some exams require the use of suplementary appendix materials. You can download these materials using this Exam Supplements link or the one in the menu to the left.

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