Steve Pomroy
Steve Pomroy
Steve Pomroy is the president of SkyWriters Publishing and the author of Applied Aerodynamic for Private and Commercial Pilots, Flight Instructor Air Notes, and Private Pilot License: Written Exam Preparation.

Steve holds an Airline Transport Pilot License with a Class 1 Flight Instructor Rating and Class 1 Aerobatic Flight Instructor Rating. He has thousands of hours of experience as a flight instructor and ground instructor at all levels—from pre-solo through the Multi-Engine, Instrument, and Instructor Ratings. He has extensive experience as a Pilot Examiner and has conducted hundreds of flight tests with Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot candidates.

Steve has been flying since 1992, when he received his Private Pilot license through an Air Cadet Flying Scholarship. He has been involved with flight training since 1995, when he began working as a Class IV instructor at Shearwater Flying Club in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Since that time, Steve has held a variety of supervisory roles (including Chief Flight Instructor) at flight schools, and has run his own flight training consulting and contracting company.

Steve has a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master's degree in Aerospace Engineering. He's currently working toward his PhD in Aerospace Engineering.

Presently, Steve flies for KF Aerospace, where he teaches the Primary Flight Training course to military pilot candidates.

Steve can be found on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/stevepomroy.

Visit Steve's aviation and flight training blog at www.FlightWriter.com.

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